AutoGloss/J (Peter Henstock and Kazumi Hatasa)

System Requirements:
HyperCard Player 2.2 or higher, 2.4MB of disk space; JLK required
Price: Freeware available for download at
(or through
Review by Atsushi Fukada, Purdue University (IN)

AutoGloss/J is a program that takes a list of Japanese words you specify as input and automatically and efficiently generates a vocabulary list containing their reading and meaning in English. You can either import a whole passage into AutoGloss/J and choose vocabulary words from it, or type or paste words directly into it. This program makes use of a public domain Japanese-English dictionary with 30,000 entries. The output vocabulary list has tabs separating words, their reading, and meaning, so that when put into a Japanese word processing document, the three columns can be lined up quickly.

This program is very useful for teachers preparing materials and for students who need to look up a large number of words quickly.

Most appropriate venues for use: RscRm, SlfSt, MatPr