Slide Presentation of Jigsaw Listener

(1) When you start up the program, this screen appears. Each box on the left represents a line in the conversation. The lines are presented in a jumled order. You can play each line at a time by clicking on a box.

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(2) The note feature allows you to write something short to help you remember the line by. Since this is not a dictation task, exact transcription is not necessary. (It doesn't even have to be in Japanese.)

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(3) This screen shows that you have listened to and made notes on several lines. Suppose that you have figured out that line H should be in the second position. To move line H to the B position, you first highlight line B.

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(4) You then click on line H with the shift key depressed. Notice that the two lines have been switched.

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(5) When you need a little help or want to see how well you have done, press the "Evaluate" button. Circles (or X's) on the right indicate that those lines are in the right (or wrong) positions. Circles (or X's) between lines indicate that the two lines are sequenced correctly (or incorrectly). Using this information, you can continue the activity until you have reconstructed the conversation completely.

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