E-tomo for Windows: a Japanese e-mail utility (Freeware)

written by Atsushi Fukada (afukada@purdue.edu)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue University


E-tomo is designed to make possible or otherwise facilitate Japanese e-mail. Specifically, it decodes garbage like the following for you.


Japanese text send over the Internet or other networks is known to get corrupted sometimes. There are various corruption patterns. E-tomo can detect a pattern of corruption and decode text accordingly.


After you have downloaded the E-tomo distribution file "e-tomow1.zip" (see below for how to do this), create a new directory and move the file there. Then, using software like pkunzip.exe, unzip the file. You will find a file named "manual.txt". Open it using any word-processor or text editor. You will find further instructions there.

I hope you'll find E-tomo useful. Give me mail in Japanese!


This page was created by Atsushi Fukada.