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(Contributed by: MICHELLE of east chapel hill high school on 1/19/07)

The kanji (kou) means craft; construction, and is found in words like (kougaku) engineering or (kouji) construction. The kanji looks like an orange construction barrel, which is often found at construction work sites. Since an orange barrel is an object it reminds me the kanji is used as a noun, making a distinction between ϻŻ which refers to the task/job of construction.


(Contributed by: 롼إ of Eastern Michigan University on 11/2/08)

Looks like an iron I-beam used in construction. Hence, its meaning of construction.


(Contributed by: Kellen McClain of Eastern Michigan University on 11/16/08)

I remember the kanji for "mon", because the first radical represents doors or a gate and the other radical means "mouth". Asking questions opens the gate to answers. (As I see, Kellen stole my idea when I told the other classmates :P)


(Contributed by: Channing Rapnicki of Eastern Michigan University on 11/17/08)

Kanji 251 looks like the frame of a building before it is built whether it is steel or wood for a house.


(Contributed by: India Carlisle of Eastern Michigan University on 11/18/08)

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