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The kanji "じゅ" which means to receive, accept, take, get can also be read "うける、うけ、and うかる". "じゅ" is comprised of the radicals "つめ" 爪 for claw, nail, talon; "わかんむり" for "cover" where "かんむり”is crown; "また"又 or again, furthermore, on the other hand. When I discovered this, I immediately imagined a hawk swooping down to take the crown of a king, but it misses the first time so it must try again.

(Contributed by: Keiko Hamano of Wesleyan University on 2/11/07)

When the red flap on your mailbox is up, it means you have recieved mail.


(Contributed by: Alex W. of Notre Dame High School on 10/17/07)

Last modified:2011/06/02 12:47:25