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The kanji means to find or to search for. A good way to remember the kanji is by its pronunciation which is "kyu" aka. " that makes the bottom part of the character. since the word means research. An image of a scientist working 9am-9pm, going crazy.


(Contributed by: Jenna Juwono of Wesleyan Univeristy on 4/9/07)

This kanji means "to study exhaustively, investigate thoroughly, delve into, go to the bottom of." The top part of this kanji is the same as for "sky" The bottom part means "strength." So, no one under the sky is investigating something harder.

(Contributed by: Stephanie Yarger of Wesleyan University '08 on 4/16/07)

The top radical is present in , meaning sky, and the bottom radical is the kanji for 9. From research (kanji's meaning) we know the sky (ie. Atmosphere) doesn't have 9 layers (only 5).

(Contributed by: Kellen McClain of Eastern Michigan University on 11/16/08)

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