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katsu - active/live

The man with box legs wanted to be active, but he couldn't.


(Contributed by: RMNO of Notre Dame High School on 9/3/07)

Ѹ Looks like a hockey Goalie with a stick and two hockey pucks. This works well in helping to remember the meaning of , which is lively or active, because hockey is a very active sport in which the players move quickly around the ice.

(Contributed by: 롼إ of Eastern Michigan University on 9/28/08)

The left side means water, and the right side looks like the the right side of , a story. Life originally comes from water, so water is the story of life. 衡means life or activity.


(Contributed by: 饤󡥥顼 of Eastern Michigan University on 9/30/08)

The first part is katakana "shi" the second part is the second part of "hana(su)" (to say). The mnemonic for life is "She says life is good."


(Contributed by: Heather Cirullo of Eastern Michigan University on 10/12/08)

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