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The kanji looks like someone with larger hands, like a teacher/Sensei, handing over a textbook to smaller hands, like a child/kodomo, who is receiving the book. Basically, the idea is a teacher Lending the student a text book. This helps in remembering the kanji because it shows the action of ߤto lend.ߤʤˡ


(Contributed by: 롼إ of Eastern Michigan University on 10/7/08)

means: lend


(Contributed by: Jeff Novak of Eastern Michigan University on 10/13/08)

An easy way to remember the kanji for "kasu" is because the first radical looks like a guy bowing. The second radical looks like someone who is holding something and walking away. The third radical looks like "kau"(I know it doesn't have the same meaning). It looks like someone is bowing after their friend lent them something that they bought.


(Contributed by: Channing Rapnicki of Eastern Michigan University on 10/27/08)

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