For Con­ver­sa­tional Chinese

Writ­ten by Atsushi Fukada Pub­lished on . Posted in News & Press

To pre­pare Pur­due fac­ulty and staff to be func­tional in basic Chi­nese while trav­el­ing in China, the Con­fu­cius Insti­tute taught “Trav­el­ing in China-​Conversational Chi­nese”. Con­ver­sa­tions at the air­port, restau­rant, hotel, train sta­tion or sim­ply on the streets ask­ing for direc­tions, became chal­leng­ing to many of the stu­dents, but their strong moti­va­tion and inter­est in learn­ing make this class such a fun and engag­ing expe­ri­ence for the instructors.

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