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NEWS (October 21, 2012)

The illustrations in this collection have been incorporated in a collection called "New Nakama" on The merged collection contains over thousand illustrations. Please search "New Nakama" in the search people option.

This page contains a growing collection of clip art (simple line-drawings) to be used by foreign language instructors. Drawings are designed to be culturally and linguistically neutral as much as possible.

Guideline for using the drawings:

You can freely use these drawings without any fee as long as they are used for not-for-profit educational purposes. (You can download them, copy them, crop a part of it, modify them, combine them, shrink them, enlarge them, print them large or small.) When you use these drawings, we ask you to acknowledge the source. Contact us for any commercial use of the drawings.

Project personnel:

The project director is Kazumi Hatasa (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue University).

This project is supported by Center for Technology Enhanced Language Learning (Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Purdue University). A partial funding comes from the Dean of School of Liberal Arts, Purdue University.


Drawings are contributed by Travis Kain (University of Iowa, 1998), Sayuri Kubota (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2002), Yukiko Hatasa (University of Iowa, 2002), Shigeru Eguchi (Columbia University, 2002), Hilohumi Yamamoto (University of Tsukuba, 1999), Nobuaki Takahashi (University of Iowa, 2002), BJ Hill (Fukushima, 2003)

** This project is on-going. We are very much interested in linking this project to other collections.

The Clip Art for Foreign/Second Language Instruction:

The drawings contained in this collection are all bitmap graphics. They are scanned in a sufficiently large format so that they can be reduced in size, without any loss of quality.

Once you find a drawing you want, click the title. You should see the full-size image. Then, use "Copy this image" option in your browser to copy it. You should be able to modify the size of the image within your software. If you want to modify a drawing or make a new drawing by combining some of them, you might need a graphics editing program.

Since the same concept may be expressed in different parts of speech in different languages, the following categories are based on English to simplify the search.

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