Video-based Interactive Learning Software

This software, based on Practical Business Chinese Video, allows the learner to interact with the video through five engaging exercise formats.

Hardware requirements:

  • Windows PC
  • Pentium III or better
  • Windows 2000/XP
  • 64 MB of free RAM
  • moitor resolution 1024x768 or larger
  • A sound card
  • A microphone (optional)

The first exercise format is called "subtitle". The screen presents four segments from a dialogue. Each segment can be played independently. At the bottom of the screen are 8 script panels. The learner is to listen to each segment and find the script panel that matches the segment, drag it and place it right underneath the segment.

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The second format is "Comprehension". It is a familiar multiple-choice question format. The learner can play the video clip as many times as he/she wishes to answer the questions.

The learner has an opportunity to practice speaking as well. This format is called "Role-play". The learner can choose a role and perform the dialogue with the other people in the video. In the screen shot below, the role of Mr. Li is selected. When the "Role-Play" button is clicked, the video starts playing but Mr. Li's lines are muted, so you can play his role. Your performance can be recorded optionally, so that you can compare the model pronunciations with yours. If you cannot keep up with the other people in the video, you can slow down the pace when it's your time to speak. You can have the program give you 1.5 to 3 times more time to speak your lines.

In this format called "Cloze dictation", the learner is to view the video clip and try to fill in the blanks in the script. This activity is intended to foster accuracy. Again, the learner can play the video clip as many times as he/she wishes.

As a wrap-up activity, "Reconstruction" is provided. The video clip is segmented into four pieces. Each of the four videotapes you see on the screen contains one segment, but the order of the videotapes is jumbled up. The learner's task is to listen to each tape and figure out the correct order. He/She can move the videotapes around the screen for this activity.

US$30 Buy now

The Center for Technology-Enhanced Language Learning and Instruction is a research and development unit of the School of Languages and Cultures, Purdue University.