Speak Everywhere - An online oral practice/assessment platform

Do your language students get enough oral practice opportunities? Do you assess their oral skills as often as you like? Have you felt that basic oral practice is difficult to do in the classroom? (Calling on individual students is extremely inefficient, and practicing in chorus is not effective because you cannot monitor each student.) Have you wished that you could give your students speaking homework assignments? Speak Everywhere is a viable solution to these problems.

Developed in the TELL Center, this system is commercially available on the internet to any language instructor. Details of the system including demo videos are available at the following website.

Speak Everywhere official website


This is a package designed and developed by Kazumi and Yukiko Hatasa for Nakama users.

Let's Practice Japanese! -New Nakama Version-


The following package of oral activities is desgined to work with the New Practical Chinese Reader textbook and is to be used on the Speak Everywhere platform.

NPCR-SE (A Speak Everywhere oral exercise package for New Practical Chinese Reader)

Business Chinese

The following items are desgined to accompany the textbook Practical Business Chinese by Dr. Wei Hong (China Books and Periodicals, 1997).

(1) Practical Business Chinese Video (DVD and iPod formats available)

(2) Video-based Interactive Learning Software (Windows)


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