Let's Practice Japanese! - New Nakama version -

This version of Let's Practice Japanese is updated for Nakama 1 second edition (2011, Heinle Cengage Learning) and Nakama 2 second edition (2011, Heinle Cengage Learning) If you already have the original version of "Let's Practice Japanese! -Nakama version -" and want to replace the content for the second edition of Nakama 1 and 2, please contact khatasa@purdue.edu.

Let's Practice Japanese! - New Nakama version - is cosist of five components. This version follows the vocabulary and Kanji used in the second edition of Nakama1 and Nakama2.

1. Kanji Invader

This program uses a classic video game format for the study of Kanji and Kanji compounds introduced in each chapter of Nakama 1 and 2 (second edition). You must shoot down invaders (i.e. kanji compounds) falling from the sky before they reach the city. You can shoot them down either by typing the pronunciation correctly or by pronouncing correctly into a microphone.

2. Hiragana and Katakana Exercise

This program introduces hiragana and katakana through mnemonics used in Nakama 1. Two types of exercises are available: Flash Card and Kana Guessing.

3. Counter Exercise

This program gives you practice with twenty different counters in Japanese including, dai, fun, gatsu, hai, hiki, hon, ji, ka, kai, ken, ko, mai, nichi, nin, sai, satsu, too, tsu, and wa.

4. Vocabulary/Kanji/Conjugation (VKC)

VKC is a very flexible flash card exercise for vocabulary, kanji, and conjugation of verbs and adjectives. You can set up flash card exercises by choosing one of six different question types (four types in Japanese, English, and sound) and one of three answer types (English, Japanese, and voice). If voice is selected as an answer type, you can answer by speaking into a microphone.

5. World Geography

This program provides practice with katakana through country names (Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America), US states, and prefectures in Japan. Three types of exercises with keyboard/mouse input are provided: Read & Click, Listen & Click, and Identify & Type. Four types of exercises with voice input are Listen & Repeat, Read & Speak, Identify & Speak, and Speak & Type.

Kanji Invader, VKC, and World Geography use a cutting-edge voice recognition technology developed by Advanced Media, Inc.

You can download the manual for more details before your purchase. LPJ Manual Download

Caution for users of Japanese version of Windows XP: We have tried to use LPJ on Japanese Windows, but we are getting mixed results. We will continue our effort to sort out problems and report as  soon as we can.

(Two-year single-CPU lincense)

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The following still shots are taken from each component of Let's Practice Japanese!

Kanji Invader Opening Page
Kanji Invader Game Page
Kana Exercise (Opening Page)
Kana Exercise (Hiragana Main Page)
Kana Exercise (Presentation of "SA")
Kana Exercise (Guessing Game)
Kana Exercise (Katakana Main Page)
Counter Exercise (Opening)
Counter Exercise (Menu 1)
Counter Exercise (exercise on "month")
VKC (Opening)
VKC (Menu)
VKC (Exercise: Kana->English)
VKC (Exercise: English->Kana)
VKC (Conjugation)
VKC (Conjugation menu)
VKC (Conjugation Exercise)
World Geography (Opening)
World Geography (Main Menu)
World Geography (Exercise Menu)
World Geography (Exercise in progress)
World Geography (Exercise on Japan)


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