Demonstration videos for NPCR-SE

The following exercises come from NPCR Book 1 Lesson 4.

Pinyin with initial j

This clip shows one of the pinyin exercises. The student listens to the model and repeats after it. He then listens to his own recording to make sure it sounds accurate, and submits it.

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Pinyin with initial q

Another pinyin exercises.

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New Vocabulary

This is a vocabulary exercise in the same listen-and-repeat format.

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In this exercise, the student is expected to respond to the questions that the teacher asks.

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Read and answer

This exercise combines reading, listening, and speaking. The student first reads the text and then answers questions about the text asked by the teacher. In this video, the student is not happy with his first attempt at Question 1 and he makes another attempt.

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Text reading

This is a read-aloud task. The student is asked to read aloud a dialogue in the textbook.

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Instructor mode

This clip shows the instructor side of the system. When an instructor selects a particular exercise, a screen like this is shown. The left column shows student names, and the middle column has links to submitted audio. The first part of the video demonstrates the "Play All" function, which plays all the items from one student one after another. Then, the instructor decides to comment on one item. She clicks the comment icon next to the item to open a comment creation window. She types a comment and records her voice. The last part of the video shows what happens when the student logs in the next time. He sees a red balloon icon indicating that a comment has been added. He clicks it to retrieve the comment.


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